Current Genetic Engineering Discoveries

Genetic Engineering, also called recombinant DNA technology, involves the group of techniques used to cut up and join together genetic material, especially DNA from different biological species, and to introduce the resulting hybrid DNA into an organism in order to form new combinations of heritable genetic material. Genetic engineering has been applied in numerous fields including research, medicine, industrial biotechnology and agriculture. Many more new discoveries are invented in the Genetic Research. But the few Recent Discoveries in Genetic Engineering.

1.         GM Mosquito Progeny Not Dying in Brazil: Study:

2.         Timing and Order of Molecular Events Recorded in Live Cells’ DNA

3.         FDA Lifts Import Restrictions on Genetically Engineered Salmon

4.         Gene Drive–Equipped Mosquitoes Released into Lab Environment

5.         Better Base Editing in Plants

6.         Info graphic: Plant Genome Editors Get A New Tool

7.         Opinion: GE Crops Are Seen Through a Warped Lens.


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